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Kedareshwara Vratha
Kedareshwara Vratha Introduction
Kedareshwara Vratha is performed every year on the day of Ashwayuja Shuddha Ashtami (during September/October). Lord Kedareshwara is one of the famous forms of Shiva. Kedareshwara Vratha is normally performed by Sumangalis.
Sumangalis perform Kedareshwara Vratha and tie a 19 knotted Dora/string. It is believed those who perform this Vratha and their family will be blessed with happiness and longer life.
Kedareshwara vratha is the main ritual for Farming communities, they observe vratha by decorating and worshiping the cattle that are responsible for their wealth. Also, Kedareshwara is worshiped by the married couple for Progeny.